Developing a portfolio of CGI fluid and pyro simulations in Houdini 16.

Final Pyro Simulations

Making Of

Here is the time-lapse for the creation of my Dragon Fire simulation detailing the setting up of the scene, creation of the source and simulation, applying the materials and rendering of the shot. This scene only took a few days to simulate and then another couple to render so only took a relatively short amount of time compared to the ocean simulation.

Final Pan Fire

Here is my 10 second pan fire shot composited in Adobe After Effects, after the ocean simulation I exported the shot in .exr format to preserve the alpha channel and render details although in this case there was only one layer.

Final Dragon Fire

Here is the final of my 3 shots, the dragon fire simulation. This one is only 9 seconds as the fire doesn’t start until 2 seconds in and so I cut the first second of black screen off the front. Again, I exported with the .exr file format, while I didn’t need transparency in this shot either, I do believe I saved some render time as mantra didn’t have to compress each frame.

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